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Managed eCommerce Website Service - WpLense

Managed eCommerce Site

One complete package, one fixed price, unlimited service

£399 one-time setup. ₤249 per month.

£399 one-time setup. ₤249 per month.

Here we have answer to your most common questions.

What do you do to differentiate me from my competitors?
We don’t use rigid templates or themes. Our website platform allows us to create customized designs to share your unique story. After you go live, if you ever find a competitor has a similar website we can work with you to change it until you’re satisfied.

How long does it take until I go live?
Most sites are up and running in 4-6 weeks. Some take a little longer, depending on how many revisions are requested and the complexity of the  project. Our recommendation is to go live as soon as you can and make changes later. The Website Package allows you to make unlimited number of changes so you have plenty of time to get it right.

What happens if I cancel?
There are no contracts – you can cancel at anytime. If you have been with WPLENSE for twelve consecutive months or more, when you cancel your subscription, you can take all website content, blog articles, graphic designs, webpage layout and rendered HTML/CSS. We do not however provide the underlying WordPress theme code, plugins or database files.

What People Think About Us

Its nice to know someone who really cares about customer service. Your company is outstanding and I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me. I am telling all my friends, co-workers, family members, and the like about your company’s services, the great price you offer, and the unbelievable support you give. I have nothing but good things to say about WPLENSE.

Thank You; and I will stay in touch.

Amazing Services and outstanding support! The Support  team at WPLENSE have done what I have seldom seen a webdev do before: create stuff that works great out of the box and stand behind their work with help for any and all questions you may have about their products. Great job, WPLENSE! I have already recommended your services to several friends and will continue to do so!

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