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WordPress Website Management Services, e-Commerce & WordPress

Awesomely Built & Fully Managed e-Commerce site & Mobile App for you

Our managed website, e-Commerce site or Mobile app aims to take the burden of content management, web monitoring, security and systems maintenance off your shoulders; So that, you can focus on more important elements of your business to succeed.

Yes, a new website and ongoing service can be this simple and affordable.

Imagine an all in one service that completely does away with the need of a costly $2,000+/month webmaster!

Our seasoned professionals maintain a resourceful, dynamic website with 100% aimed uptime, for continued growth and customer satisfaction.

Hiring a full time webmaster comes at a high cost and can be prevented altogether with WPLENSE’s website management service. There are a number of small hurdles that a website encounters daily, that a full time webmaster would normally be needed for. Unfortunately, most online businesses don’t need a full time webmaster but are forced to pay them regardless to get the work completed. Luckily the WPLENSE team has been hard at work to provide a service that fills this void for online businesses looking to save money, but also get what they need out of an effective all in one web solution.

WPLENSE has years of experience into consideration when developing a Business solution in the Internet that every Businesses can afford.  We will manage your content, web monitoring, security and systems maintenance so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Each month WPLENSE could save you $100’s and over a dozen hours of your time

See the real cost behind building and maintaining a great web presence.

Get what you need
to start growing online

All our managed website service packages are fully packed.

Choice of Template Design

Choose any template and we will make the required changes to completely blend with your brand goals.


On-demand Content and Blog management

Web content management that keeps your website up to date and ranking well with the search engines.


Graphics/Banner Creation

Our designers at your disposal to create/tweak graphic/banners for various promotions or updates.


Web Code Error Correction

A website free of errors will provide the ultimate end user experience, preventing bounces and abandons, and increasing ROI.


Web Hosting with branded emails

Highly availably complementary web hosting & email service.


Strategy/Improvement Advice

We offer complementary strategic advice and imrovement suggestions to make your website yield better results.


Hacked/Attacked Website Assistance

Know that you’re covered wherever, whenever. Our friendly support staff will quickly identify problems and keep your online business running the way your customers expect it to.


Plugin/Code Updates

Our programmers will fix bugs or coding issues, add new code or plugins


Backup & Restoration

Have a piece of mind knowing that if an emergency occurs, you are covered. Our backup servers can easily re-launch a website taken down by internet hackers, or other malicious internet related security breaches.

The most convenient
website service available

You don’t need to hire in-house, contract freelancers,
or wrestle with your website ever again.


A dedicated team building your site

We do the heavy lifting, and your project manager will guide you through every step of the build and launch process.


You ask for it, we’ll get it done

ncluded in your service is unlimited updates to your website. Ask us to add new web pages or refresh current copy, it’s what we do.


We’re on call 24 hours, 7 days a week

Schedule a call, send an email, or chat with us live. However you want to communicate, we’ve got a line available to you.


One reliable, monthly payment

No big upfront fees for a new website and no surprises. Your monthly subscription gets you a site and service to match.


with every project

When you order our Website Design package from WPLENSE, you can be sure, your website is going to be top notch.

Here we have answer to your most common questions.

It will depend on the level of customization needed for your brand, however it usually takes 2-3 weeks to get your website live.
The time required for functional changes need to be determined on the case to case basis. However most common tasks like installing a plugin, adding a form, etc can be addressed within 24 to 48 working hours.
There is no long term contracts or lock-in period for any of our managed website plans. You can cancel anytime by requesting before the commencement of next billing cycle.
Absolutely! Please write to our team and we will have someone arrange a call back to gather your requirements.

Based on your requirement we will show you our recommended template but you can use any of the templates from our arsenal.

Most updates can be made within 24 hours and usually within the same day. We will inform you prior to beginning the task in case it will take longer than usual.
If you need more hours in a specific month than your selected plan allows, you will be informed about this and only after your confirmation, we will will work on the task. The additional hours will be billed separately at the hourly rate indicated in the plan.
You will have the ownership of the website and you will be free to host that anywhere else. However if you cancel within 12 months, you will loose your website.

We don’t just look for inspiration, we help create it.

Want to inspire someone?

Managed Websites start at just £79/MO. How’s that stack up?

WPLENSE strikes the right balance between your usual business website options: Do it yourself or hire an agency. Here’s how WPLENSE ‘s Managed Website compares based on the two biggest factors that matter to you: Cost and Time.

Each month WPLENSE could save you $100’s and over a dozen hours of your time

See the real cost behind building and maintaining a great web presence.